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(Sales Executive)

Perkenalkan saya ENDRAWAN (Sales Executive), Dealer Resmi Volkswagen Jakarta. Saya akan membantu Anda dalam memiliki kendaraan Volkswagen dalam bentuk: konsultasi menentukan produk Volkswagen yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan, konsultasi pembelian cash/credit yang sesuai dan cocok dengan dana yang dimiliki, memberikan paket promo terbaik, test drive kendaraan, layanan service seperti booking service, dan lain sebagainya. Ada yang ingin ditanyakan? Hubungi kontak saya di bawah ini.

Body & Paintwork

A dent in the panel work? Happens to everyone at some time. Our body and paintwork service will soon make you forget minor damage.

Express Service

Good service not only renders your Volkswagen safer, it also makes your life a bit easier. That’s why we also carry out many checks and repairs for you in the Express Service.

Tyre Service

Do you need new tyres? We will help you to find the right model.

Dialogue Reception

“When it comes to my safety, I prefer to see for myself”. We understand that. That’s why we give you an opportunity to do just that with our Dialogue Reception.

A/C System Service

It is said that stress can be breathed away. To ensure that you have sufficient fresh air in your Volkswagen at a pleasant temperature, we check and maintain your air conditioning system – also on the spur of the moment.

Vehicle Check

Comfort that you can completely rely on – day in, day out on your way to work or on a long holiday trip. We see to that with our Vehicle Check.

Vehicle Diagnostics

ABS, Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control: To enable you to drive in a safer and more environmentally responsible manner, numerous electronic systems work together in a complex network in your Volkswagen.

Oil Service

Prolong the life of your engine – with the Volkswagen Oil Service. We will exchange your used oil for fresh Volkswagen approved engine oil, which provides the optimum protection for your engine and makes it especially efficient.

Car Care Service

Protect your time, your hands and the many sensitive materials in your Volkswagen: We will make your vehicle really shine – using cleaning and care products


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Shaping mobility - for generations to come

Our promise: With electric drive, digital networking and autonomous driving, we make the automobile clean, quiet, intelligent and safe.


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